Информация о страховании

The Fund of Financial Support for Agriculture functions as the AS Insurance Operator.

In 2020, the Fund approved the following insurance products, for which a part of insurance premiums is subsidized:

Crop production:

1. Soil Moisture Deficiency Index Insurance (phase 3);

2. Soil Moisture Deficiency Index Insurance (phase 2);

3. Soil Moisture Excess Index Insurance.

Animal production:

1. Animal Insurance (basic coverage);

2. Animal Insurance (extended coverage).

Insurance is provided by the Agroinsurance Information Service on the Qoldau Platform.

There were 79 requests received from agricultural producers for subsidizing insurance premiums for the insurance product against drought for a total amount of KZT 82 mln. All requests approved, subsidies paid.

There were also 7 requests received for the insurance product against the excess moisture worth KZT 17 mln. All requests approved, subsidies paid. 

Within the framework of the AS new voluntary insurance system, subsidies totaling KZT 99.1 mln. were paid under 86 insurance contracts. In six regions (Akmola, East Kazakhstan, Karaganda, Kostanay, Pavlodar and North Kazakhstan regions), 115 thous. hectares are insured, including 97.5 thous. hectares - against drought, 17.5 thous. hectares - against excess moisture.

For insurance products in crop production, insurance payments amounted to KZT 518.2 mln, including:

- KZT 508.5 mln. against drought (under 67 insurance contracts);

- 9.7 mln. against excess moisture (under 2 insurance contracts).

As of January 1, 2021, Jysan garant, the insurance company, concluded 6 cattle insurance contracts, the number of insured cattle amounted to 2,117 heads. Within the state support under these contracts, the insurance premium was subsidized in the amount of KZT 8.3 mln.