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Centralized procurement control service

Centralized procurement control service of the JSC “Holding KazAgro” (further “CPCS”) was created upon the decision of the Board of Directors of the JSC “Holding KazAgro” (further “Holding”) for management and control of procurement processes of the Holding and its subsidiaries. 

Potential suppliers to the Holding and its subsidiaries facing procurement malpractices have a right to appeal against any action or inaction, decision of the contracting authority and  procurement manager to the CPCS in line with terms and conditions in the article 186-4 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On state property” (further “Law”). 

Upon receipt of a formal complaint according to the terms and conditions prior to a deadline, procurement contract completion is suspended by the CPCS until the end of a complaint review period. Upon confirmation of facts provided in the complaint CPCS will take appropriate action considering the Law including but not limited to a cancelation of procurement agreements. 

Contact information:

Centralized procurement control service of the JSC “Holding KazAgro”,

Nur-Sultan city, 13 Imanova street,

Phone: +7(7172)705620 (extention 1090),